Cellphone Interceptor AU608

Cellphone Interceptor AU608

Cellphone Interceptor AU608


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Cellphone Interceptor AU608

  • Listen to any LIVE mobile phone conversation on 800/900 MHz network
  • Worldwide monitoring of up to 20 mobile phone number at a time
  • Be alerted when a specific number made or receive a phone call
  • Scan LIVE surrounding conversation within the area with General-Monitoring technology


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(8 customer reviews)



Key in up to 20 cellular phone numbers that you would like to monitor, when there is an in coming or out-going call made to or from the number you have specified the unit will intercept the conversation and display the number of the phone being used!, powerful isn’t it.

You can also do general monitoring, with a push of a button, the unit will scan, intercepts and display the number of the phone that was picked up! Works with any audio recorder!

Monitor your employee, your spouse, your children etc. with simple set up

Monitor mobile or cellular phones with a simple steps

Monitor both cellular A or cellular B system

A= System used in the USA North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa

B= System used in Eastern and Western Europe

Operates both in general monitoring mode and targets specific phone by number

Identify unknown cellular mobile phone numbers

You may specify cell site that you would like to monitor.

Decode touch tones used to access Voice mail, Answering machines, etc.,

  • Targets 20 mobile numbers for all calls made in or out
  • Automatically record both sides of all conversation when used with digital audio recorders (we suggest our AU023).
  • Track hands-off from cell to cell (when following vehicles)
  • Time setting and DTMF output enable, you will have a date and time stamp for each conversation.
  • Stand alone unit you do not need to purchase other device or be connected to any telephone service provider (Come with charger & batteries)
  • Classic Military Grade Device used by many Intelligence Agencies such as FBI, CIA, now available for retails!

Most trusted Mobile Interceptor since 2004

Measurement: 160 x 55 x 36mm

You do not need to give this phone to anyone, It will target specific phone numbers you put in.


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Based on 8 ratings

Reviewed by 8 users

    • 6 months ago

    I usually don’t review products but for this product I’ve got to. Works surprisingly well. Inexpensive, considering what it can do. Found out many things.

    • 6 months ago

    Funciona bien

    • 6 months ago

    Easy to use, catch incoming and outgoing calls.

    • 7 months ago


    • 1 year ago

    Good service

    • 2 years ago

    Very flexible and well designed.

    • 2 years ago

    Love it

    • 2 years ago

    Great product

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